Weights and Measures is a 5,000-square-foot casual neighborhood restaurant, bakery and bar located in a 1950s industrial warehouse at 2808 Caroline Street. The project is the result of a long-standing partnership among four like-minded Houston locals: a developer, a bartender, a chef and a baker. The ultimate goal is to create a comfortable, sincere and welcoming place for Houstonians to dine, relax, socialize and share great experiences.

Mornings offer daily baked breads and pastries as well as locally-roasted Amaya coffee and freshly squeezed juices from the bakery. For lunch and dinner, the kitchen delivers a seasonal, quintessentially American menu (not committed to any one cuisine culture) with an emphasis on wood-fired meats and vegetables, bread-centric plates to share and various styles of pizza from a wood-burning oven. A full bar operates throughout the evening, hosting a huge stable of bottled craft beers, an affordable wine list clearly obsessed with small production, and a large variety of spirits and cocktails.

Throughout history, “weights and measures” was the name given to government-sponsored agencies that worked to ensure vendors were selling exactly what they were advertising. Customers buying a pound of grain wanted to be sure they were getting exactly what they paid for–a full and proper pound of grain. Customers thirsty for a pint of ale wanted to be sure they were paying for a full pint of ale. It’s this kind of assurance of quantity and quality–with reformulated classics and reinvigorated recipes–that Weights and Measures hopes to pass on to its customers.